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Zenyatta Quotes and Zenyatta Mems

Zenyatta is comic character having popularity . Zenyatta Quotes  have huge fan following.

Here is the list of Famous Zenyatta Quotes and Zenyatta Memes

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Zenyatta Quotes

    • “Zenyatta is here.”
    • “Zenyatta is everywhere.” (If Cultist skin is equipped)
    • “Adversity is an opportunity for change.”
    • “Repetition is the path to mastery.”
    • “A temporary setback.”
    • “Overconfidence is a flimsy sheild.”
    • “Pain is an excellent teacher.”
    • “The cycle begins anew.”
    • “The outcome is not preordained.”‘
    • “Gaze into the Iris.”
    • “Embrace tranquility.”
    • “Walk in harmony.”
    • “Open your mind.”
    • “Be one with the universe.”
    • “Be reborn.”
    • “Free your mind.”
    • “We walk in harmony, my student.” (on Genji)
    • We walk in the shadows, my apprentice.” (On Genji and If Cultist skin is equipped)
    • “We are as one, my sister.” (on Orisa)
    • We are as one, my friend.” (on Bastion)
      • “There is disquiet in your soul.”
      • “There is chaos within you.”
      • “Darkness falls.”
      • “Bask in the shadow of doubt.”
      • “You are your own worst enemy.”
      • “Be consumed by the shadows.” (If Cultist skin is equipped)
      • Darkness envelops all.’ (If Cultist skin is equipped)
      • “I know the doubts that plague you.” (on Genji)
      • “You have much to learn.” (on Orisa)
  • If an Orb of Discord is attached to the player Edit

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    • “I welcome adversity.”
    • “A momentary setback.”

    Transcendence Zenyatta Quotes

    • “Pass into the Iris.” (enemy)
    • “Experience tranquility.” (self/ally)
    • “Experience oblivion.” (self/ally If Cultist skin is equipped)
    • “Pass into the unknown.” (enemy If Cultist skin is equipped)

    Pre-game objectives and call outs Edit

    Capturing point (attack) Edit

    • Destiny has drawn me to the objective.
    • I am becoming one, with the objective.
    • I am taking the objective, join me.

    Capturing point (defense) 

  • Time running out (defense) Edit

    • Victory is our destiny, but we must all play our parts.
    • Victory is within our grasp, hold strong.
    • We must see this through to the end.

    Time running out (attack)

    • Time grows short, attack.
    • Time is an illusion, but the illusion is about to run out.
    • We must wrest victory from the jaws of time.

    Escorting payload Zenyatta Quotes

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    • My path has converged, with that of the payload.
    • The payload and I move as one.
    • The payload moves.
    • The payload must be moved to it’s destination.

    Payload stuck 

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    • The payload must be moved.
    • The payload rests idle.
    • We must move the payload.

    Enemy Mercy resurrect Edit

    • Our enemies return.

    Enemy teleporter Edit

    • The enemy possesses a teleporter.

    Enemy Shield Generator Edit

    • The enemy is utilizing a shield generator.


    • A closed mind is already defeated.
    • “A lesson in humility.” (Melee blow)
    • “Do not be discouraged, everyone begins in ignorance.”
    • “Hatred is not strategy.”
    • “In anger, you defeat only yourself.”
    • “If you do not bend, you break.”
    • “One cannot survive on strength alone.” (Melee blow)
    • “Reflect upon your actions.”
    • “We all represent unfulfilled potential.”
    • “You refuse to learn.” (Melee blow)
    • “Your setback is only temporary.”
    • “You must learn from your mistakes.”
    • “Your weakness… is revealed!”

    Killing GenjiEdit

    • “I win this round, Genji.”
    • “The master still has a few tricks.”

    Killing Tracer/LúcioEdit

    • “Move too quickly, and you overlook much.”

    Killing Junkrat/Lúcio/SombraEdit

    • “Chaos begets more chaos.”

    Killing Orisa Edit

    • “Being eager to learn, is not the same as learning.”

    Killing Pharah/McCree/ReinhardtEdit

    • “Justice is defined by the hand that claims it.“‘

    Killing Reaper/Soldier: 76Edit

    • “Revenge is not justice.”

    Killing Reaper Edit

    • “Hatred is not strategy.”

    Killing Sombra Edit

    • “Those who think they are all-knowing know nothing of what they do not.”

    Killing Zarya or Roadhog 

    • “Ignorance is the sure path to defeat.”

    Witnessing a teammate get a kill

    • “In repetition, strive for perfection.”
    • “Impressive.”
    • “You have done well.”
    • “You have ushered them to paradise.”

    Witnessing Genji get a kill 

    • “Well done, Genji.”

    Communication Wheel

    Unlockable Voice Lines

    • “We are in harmony.” (Default)
    • “Death is whimsical today.”
    • “Do I think? Does a submarine swim?”
    • “Free your mind.”
    • “Hello, world!”
    • How amusing.
    • “I dreamt I was a butterfly.”
    • “I think, therefore I am.”
    • “I will not juggle.”
    • “Life is more than a series of ones and zeroes.”
    • “Peace and blessings be upon you all.” / “Curse and madness be upon you all.’ (If Cultist skin is equipped)
    • “The Iris embraces you.” / “The Iris consumes you.” (If Cultist skin is equipped)
    • Always strive for improvement.” (Summer Olympic Games)
    • Form is temporary, the spirit is eternal.” (Summer Olympic Games)
    • Trick or treat?” (Halloween Terror)
    • Frightening.” (Halloween Terror)
    • No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place.” (Winter Wonderland)
    • ”Joy to the world!” (Winter Wonderland)
    • Every rooster crows in its own pen.” (Year of the Rooster)
    • “Walk along the path to enlightenment.” (Uprising)
    • “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you’re headed.” (Uprising)
    • “Existence is mysterious.” (Anniversary)
    • “How… disappointing.” (Anniversary)

    Hello Edit

    • “Greetings.”
    • “Peace be upon you.”

    Thanks Edit

    • “You have my thanks.”
    • “Thank you.”
    • “My thanks.”

    Ultimate Edit

    • “My ultimate is charging.”
    • “My ultimate is almost ready”
    • “My ultimate ability is ready.”
    • My ultimate is ready, proceed without fear.” (Facing ally)
    • “Ready for transcendence.”

    Healing Edit

    • “I need healing.”
    • I require healing.”
    • “The path to healing leads here” (to a friendly)
    • “I require armor.” (to a friendly Torbjörn)
    • “I am made whole.” (Health pack)
    • “I am restored.” (Health pack)
    • “My systems are restored.” (Health pack)

    Understood Edit

    • “”Understood.”
    • “I understand.”
    • “Acknowledged.”

    On Fire Edit

    • “I am on fire.”
    • “I am on fire, but an extinguisher is not required.”
    • “I can feel the warmth of the Iris, flowing through me!”

    Post Game (if Upvoted) Edit

    • “Wonderful.”
    • “Excellence is its own reward.”
    • Your reconigtion honors me.
    • The cards have selected me.”

    Special Edit

    Assisting Genji with a kill Edit

    • You will not be harming my student.

    Pre-Game LinesEdit

    • “A chance to focus.”
    • “A warrior’s greatest weapon… is patience.”
    • “A disciplined mind is your most dependable ally.”
    • “Consider only victory, make defeat an impossibility in your mind.”
  • #10: “Always strive for improvement”

    #9: “I dreamt I was a butterfly”

    #8: “Free your mind”

    #7: “Do I think? Does a submarine swim?”

    #6: “We are in harmony”

    #5: “life is more than a series of ones and zeros”

    #4: “No snowflake falls in the wrong place”

    #3: “I think, therefore, I am”

    #2: “True self is without form”

    #1: “The iris embraces you”

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