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Cute and Modern calligraphy Quotes

Calligraphy is a kind of music not for the ears, but for the eyes.
V. Lazursky
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Calligraphy is the most intimate, private and spontaneous expressive means. Like a fingerprint or voice it is unique with every person
Hermann Zapf

The calligraphy is found in those aspects of form that reveal the hand’s freedom, the gesture, the dance, the tool’s scraping and flowing, the intersection of mind and nature that occurs when hand and heart move as one. In short, the instantaneous character of the living mark is the calligraphy.
Steven Skaggs

The written is to be read and not to be misread.
Sultan-Ali Mashkhedi
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I never did calligraphy… But handwriting is an entirely different kind of thing. It’s part of the syndrome of modernism… It’s part of that asceticism.
Paul Rand

Lettering creates readable art that comes to life, displaying a quirky, whimsical nature.
Peggy Dean

Write one letter and wait for ages
Prof. R. K. Joshi

Cute Modern calligraphy Quotes

You will never see good letters coming from your hand until you have learned to see good letters in your head. Good work depends on clear mental images. Clear images are based on knowledge of the causes of the thing imagined. Knowledge comes from intelligent practice. When practice has given the artist a clear image of what he has to do, he has insight into his art.
Lawrence R. Brady

Letters act as practical and useful signs, but also as pure and inner melody.
Wassily Kandinsky
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Kaz’s art is a powerful example of discipline and freedom. His classical calligraphy captures the inner movement and stillness of the brush and mind.
Joan Halifax

For the largest part ill handwriting in the world is caused by hurry.
Lewis Carroll

A flourish is to be neat and glamorous and, at the same time, to be filled with motion, life energy, thought, and wit of the master.
H. Korger

Calligraphy may well be simply an artistic version of another form, that is the ideograms which make up the poem, but then not only does it reflect the character and temperament of the artist but . . . also betrays his heart rate, his breathing.
Dai Sijie

Calligraphy is the ultimate synthesis of what I love: language, art and human connection.
Joy Deneen


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