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Top Black And White Quotes

Life is Full of colors but old school still need some Black And White Quotes to Recall golden time memories because

life is ever black sometimes white.

considering importance of Black And White Quotes We Collected an extensive collection of Black And Quotes about life

List of Black And White Quotes

“Life is like the sky. Ever black, sometimes white, sometimes black, sometimes colorless, even when it is finished. “


“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”
― Ted Grant

“When I was a little girl, everything in the world fell into either of these two categories: wrong or right. Black or white.

Now that I am an adult, I have put childish things aside and now I know that some things fall into wrong and some things fall into right.

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Some things are categorized as black and some things are categorized as white. But most things in the world aren’t either! Most things in the world aren’t black, aren’t white, aren’t wrong, aren’t right, but most of everything is just different.

And now I know that there’s nothing wrong with different, and that we can let things be different, we don’t have to try and make them black or white, we can just let them be grey. And when I was a child, I thought that God was the God who only saw black and white. Now that I am no longer a child, I can see, that God is the God who can see the black and the white and the grey, too, and He dances on the grey! Grey is okay.”
― C. JoyBell C.



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“I am very cautious of people who are absolutely right, especially when they are vehemently so.”
― Michael Palin


“What if — is more complicated than that? What if maybe opposite is true as well? Because, if bad can sometimes come from good actions—? where does it ever say, anywhere, that only bad can come from bad actions? Maybe sometimes — the wrong way is the right way? You can take the wrong path and it still comes out where you want to be? Or, spin it another way, sometimes you can do everything wrong and it still turns out to be right?”
― Donna Tartt

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“Life is color Love is Black And White”


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Black And White Quotes About Life


“Mortals. Everything is so black and white to you.”
― Kami Garcia
“Light is meaningful only in relation to darkness, and truth presupposes error. It is these mingled opposites which people our life, which make it pungent, intoxicating. We only exist in terms of this conflict, in the zone where black and white clash.”
― Louis Aragon
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“My philosophy, like color television, is all there in black and white”―
Monty Python
“I don’t know why we work, my husband and I. We just do. We are black and white – yin and yang.”
― Heidi Klum
“Books bring alluring colors to our mundane black and white world.”―
Caleb Reese
“Celluloid will be the next decade’s black and white.”
― Danny Boyle
“It is not that Shakespeare’s art is in technicolor and fancy, and that real life is black and white and tedious. The life that Shakespeare was living was the only life he had, and he had to use it to create what he was doing.”―
Stephen Greenblatt
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“Diversity doesn’t mean black and white only.”―
Henry Louis Gates
“Life isn’t black and white. It’s a million gray areas, don’t you find?”―
Ridley Scott
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Maumita Bhattacharya
“The way I was brought up by my parents and guided through my football life by the influences of various managers means that in some ways I am black and white.”―
Stuart Pearce
“It’s not hard to get your way when it’s your way or the highway. People either follow suit or they’re not around. I don’t really like the sound of that, ’cause that sounds like a temper tantrum. I’m just very black and white when it comes to my business. There’s really no gray area.”―
Nicki Minaj
“It’s about you. If you win, it’s you; if you lose, it’s you. Black and white. Nowhere to hide.”
― Greg Rusedski
“In tragedy, it’s hard to find a good resolution; it’s not black and white: it’s a big fog of gray.”
― Paul Dano


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