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Best Emo Quotes

Emo Quotes are to express some ones feelings in gestures.

A person who cannot say can express by Emo Quotes.

Here is Collection of Emo Quotes.


List contains Emo Quotes About life Emo quotes about Love

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Top Emo Quotes

“Poetry is just so emo.” he said. “Oh, the pain. The pain. It always rains. In my soul.”
― John Green,

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“Life is but a dream for the dead.”
― Gerard Way

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“She can paint a pretty picture but this story has a twist. The paintbrush is a razor and the canvas is her wrist.”
― Amy Efaw,

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“So how was Christmas for you guys? Did you all get lots of nice black t-shirts?”
― Gerard Way

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“Im okay Im okay now.
But you really need to listen to me
’cause im telling you the truth
I mean this im okay
Trust me…
Im not okay
…Well okay im not okay.
Im not o-f cking-kay”
― Gerard Way
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“Just because I wear black and keep a private journal, that doesn’t mean I’m going to blow up the school. Or terrorize mindless cheerleaders, for that matter.”
― Kelly Creagh,

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“And I rose
In rainy autumn
And walked abroad in a shower of all my days…”
― Dylan Thomas, 

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“Creatures of the Darkness
BY VICKI JORDANIt was world of vampires and demons, where innocence
was rare and so were the living. It was a world of darkness,
where light had been outlawed and nightfall had swallowed
us whole.
An epic war had been fought, and the creatures of the dark
had finally prevailed over the promoters of the light.
for the first time in existence, the people of the shadows could
come out and freely walk among one another in the rays of the
dying sun, which had once been used to shun them away.A little girl, a child of the light, had survived the battle and
crawled out from under the ashes of the destruction.She looked
around at her altered world in dismay and confronted a vampire
about the changes, of which she did not approve.

“Why did you turn my world into a world of night, and make
wrong into a new form of right? How could you make all the light
disappear, and with it everyone I once loved so dear? Why are the
shadows now the new sun, and why is everything lost what you have
The vampire looked down at the little girl with amusement
and delight.

“Because, little girl, this is the real world you see, where there’s no
light to shine on false identities.

We didn’t destroy the world just to scare;
we simply uncovered what was already there.

What has come out was all the
darkness that was once hidden within, and you’ll soon meet the darkness
in you once my fangs pierce your skin.”

We are our own greatest fears…..”

― Chris Colfer, 
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“So it’s back once more, back up the slope.
Why do they always ruin my rope
with their cuts?
I felt so ready the other day,
Had a real foretaste of eternity
In my guts.Spoonfeeding me yet another sip
from life’s cup.
I don’t want it, won’t take any more of it.
Let me throw up.Life is medium rare and good, I see,
And the world full of soup and bread,
But it won’t pass into the blood for me,
Just goes to my head.It makes me ill, though others it feeds;
Do see that I must deny it!
For a thousand years from now at least
I’m keeping a diet.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke,

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“she…let the blood spill down instead of tears.”
― Cassandra Clare,

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“When people look at me, they automatically assume I’m dark and weird. Why can’t they see the truth? I’m just a girl, trying to find my place in the world.”
― Gena Showalter

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“Yeah. I like Chopin. I feel like Chopin is ‘emo.’ Do you like Chopin?”
― Tao Lin,

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“Between the suit and the pinkish hair, he looks like an emo gangster.”
― A.G. Howard,
“Stars are everything and nothing that we think they are.
They are their own world, but through an act of will we make them part of ours. They are the diamonds of the gods, the lights at a stadium where angels play a midnight game of baseball.
They’re fairy farts that have been set ablaze! Mostly, they’re just an untouchable beauty that’s so far away, it’s the only place safe enough to store our secret hopes and dreams.
When we see a shooting start, we all make a wish. But what nobody admits is how afraid they are of actually catching something that fell from heaven. I’m not afraid to burn.
― J.M. Evans
“I spend my nights thinking the worst
And telling myself that everything’s going to work out
I keep kicking myself in the mouth
Opening up every cut that should be a scar by now”
“for every dream shattered another comes true, but when my dreams are broken yours are broken too.”
― batman

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“What do you do when the alienating silence deafens your ‘bootless cries’?”
― Solange nicole

 Emo Quotes About life

“Should have taken warning it’s just
People mourning
Running, hiding, lost
You can’t find, find a place to go, so it’sRed skies at night
Red skies at night, whoa oh, oh oh oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh… red skies at night, red skies at night, whoa oh, oh oh oh…Someone’s taking over, and it look like they’re aiming right at you…
Someone said we’ll be dead by morning…
Someone cries, leaving… red skies at night, whoa oh-h-h”
― Cy Curnin The Fixx

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“Honestly, I’d rather be anywhere else. Even home, where my dad begins almost every conversation with, “You should lose the black clothes and wear something with color.” Puh-lease. Like I want to look like every Barbie clone in Hell High, a.k.a. Oklahoma’s insignificant Haloway High School. Ironically, Dad doesn’t appreciate the bright blue streaks in my originally blond/now-dyed-black hair. Go figure. That’s color, right?”
― Gena Showalter
“You used to make me feel like I could walk on water
Now most nights I’m just sinking down and down
You’re the reason why I can’t listen to the same songs I used to”
“Those times when someone you thought was your friend talks about you behind your back really hurt. Even if you act like you don’t care, deep inside, you care.”
― Zoey-Rose Hawthorne

 Hit Emo Quotes

“i wear black
got dem boots
nothing more to say”
― Hailie

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“I fell over twice. It was loud. The garden was black outside our circle of light. The endless night stretched all around us, so we told each other that we had to be close together, together in the dark.”
― Laure Eve, The Graces

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“Not that I love thy children, whose dull eyes see nothing save their own unlovely woe, Whose minds know nothing, nothing care to know…”
― Oscar Wilde
“I’m sorry for breaking down when I should’ve been stitching myself back up”

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“Jon itu pemuda ber-IQ tinggi, dengan EQ jongkok, dan SQ tiarap.”
― Adham T. Fusama,
“Let me set it straight, I’ve done some shit,
And maybe I ain’t too proud of it
The monster in your bed
You were begging me “please don’t stop!”
Said that I’m a douchebag, won’t call back
The worst hangover you ever had
Felt so good at first, you knew that it could never last
Wanna wash the dirt off my hands, wanna get this all off my chest
But I’m no good at saying sorry… woah oh!I didn’t mean to fuck you over,
I just want to have some fun”
― The Summer Set
“You really fucked me up this time for good, even though you didn’t mean to”

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“Jon itu ibarat harimau yang terkurung aman di kandang. Kevin-lah kandangnya. Kita doakan saja harimau itu tidak akan pernah lepas.”
― Adham T. Fusama,

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“I remember only images, snapshots burned into me, bleeding into each other until I no longer knew the order in which they had happen.”
― Laure Eve, 

“It’s quite ironic, that in life, the person that brings out the best in you and the one that makes you strong is actually your weakness.” ― Anonymous

“What’s the point in ever trying to be happy when the very pursuit of happiness is what makes you miserable.” ― Anonymous

“I hurt myself so I can feel alive.” ― Anonymous

“Now I’m driven to be ten times better than you think you are, piece by piece I’ve built my walls. And burned the bridges down that lead back to people like you.” ― Atreyu, You Eclipsed By Me

“Son, your life’s an open book
don’t close it before it’s done” ― Metallica, Mama Said

“Life will never get any better. I will always be stabbing away at my arms hopelessly with an olive fork.” ― Anonymous

Quotes about Love

Love is another emotion that the writers always write about, and heartbreak is a part of love, no matter how perfect it is. Read on to find some quotes about heartbreak mentioned below. These are also picked up from some songs that will make your cry, so take a look.

“We walked arm in arm but I didn’t feel his touch a desire I’d first tried to hide. That tingling inside was gone and when he asked me: ‘do you still love me?’ I had to look away I didn’t want to tell him, that my heart grows colder with each day.” ― Bat For Lashes

“Here I stand empty hands wishing my wrists were bleeding to stop the pain from the beatings.” ― Flyleaf

“You’re just another picture to burn.” ― Taylor Swift

“In the darkness I had to fall always find my place among the ashes” ― Evanesence

“I never thought I’d die alone. Another six months I’ll be unknown. Give all my things to all my friends. You’ll never step foot in my room again.” ― Blink-182

“When something’s over, it’s over. It can never start again
When it’s broken, you can never put back the pieces.
Life is not the way you want it to be.
When you know that someone’s hurting you so much, just stop.
We know that it hurts a lot, but you must learn to let go things.
Don’t push yourself too hard. Coz we all know, that in every ending, there’s such a thing that we call the beginning.” ― Anonymous

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